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Email:  CgrayImages@gmail.com

Mobile: 240-462-7169

Office:  410-768-1063

About me

As a self-taught portrait and event photographer,  I enjoy learning and experimenting with new techniques to create and capture the perfect shot. I am located in the Baltimore area,  enjoy traveling to interesting places and meeting new people. 

About my photography style

Well, I try to make my images as unique as my client. I believe everyone is different, therefore each session should be unique. I do not have set of go-to poses for portraits and I do not have a one-of-a-kind shooting style for events. Curious as to why not?  Simple, because my images are not about me. My images are about my clients. I photograph for my clients; to document their unique personalities and milestones, not my specific style. It's about capturing their amazing beauty and their special moments.

When shooting events, the venue or location usually dictates what lighting I choose. My first option is to use the available light to preserve the ambiance in the images.But, that is not possible. When I have to use my flash, like most other photographer's, I like to match my lighting to the current lighting as much as possible.

For portraits, natural light is my favorite way to light my subject. It allows me to focus more on my client and less on set up. In addition, the warm illumination from the sun tends to give each image a timeless feel. However, as beautiful as Mother Nature is, she is not always cooperative and using a flash is sometimes the better option to create the perfect shot, so I adjust to meet my clients need for that perfect shot.

I do my best to always make sure that my clients are comfortable. Comfortable in allowing me, if only for a  few short moments, into their private world where I am free to capture the extraordinary parts of their lives, that makes them unlike any other.  Being trusted into such an exclusive place and allowed to preserve such treasured memories, is what I love most about being a photographer.